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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Search Engines Development

AI Applications to query Search Engines

AI or artificial intelligence applications could be used to generate the search string to the search engines, this may help simple people get what they want in the internet, without having to rack their grey matter to improve their search results. The strength of a AI application depends on a human built database of knowledge with a capability to learn thru internet or by collaborative computing.

Then i have a small AI - DOS based program made by Greg Leedberg which works pretty well, it is called daisy, i taught it many things for over a year, now it comes up with interesting things, i have never heard about.

Idea - Oct-05, Posted in Ideas of delabs Blog, Revised again - 4 April 2008, Nature - Open Source

This section had a domain of its own in 2008 and the Tagline i conjured for this was

Engineering the Computing Device, Data and Delivery

Secure Search - Encrypted Search

When we search and get the results the keywords and results can be monitored and recorded at different points in the network.

In some cases : examples - a researcher working on a sensitive topic, an inventor gathering data for his next innovation, which he wishes to patent and make a living.

Alarm Clock Manual

Description of Gadget - This can be used to preset Five Alarms with a small text memo, The Alarm will remind after set time elapses with musical sounds. It also shows the Time and date. The Alarms once set, repeat every day.

Alarm Controls

When the user visits the page containing this gadget, it reminds him of the missed memos for the past three hours. Web Gadget for Google Homepage or Website. A study of the Alarm Clock Instructions Video may help understand points below.

Jot Note and Desktop

The Gadget Jot-a-Note which was has been modified for Cookies Data Storage. Now it has Sticky Notes, Clock and Calculator. - 2010

Jot-a-Note is now Cloud Desktop

Jot Note Manual

Jot-A-Note also supports HTML inside notes. That means you can have Simple HTML and CSS formatting. Images and iframe-gadgets. Jot a Note is now Jot Desktop .

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Browsette a Tablet Browser with WebApps

Browsette  is just a Browser in a SSD riding over a Skeletal Firmware Extension, just enough to help a browser fire a screen and link up with minimal hardware.

Probably with Linux it may be possible. A tablet like device, when touched, a browser that is live always. No OS, No Desktop, No wallpaper.All Web.

Linux OS based Browsette at $200

Such a Browsette. You can Browse and Nothing  else. It is the file manager, it is the desktop. It is just a Browser glued on to hardware and Rom. This will bring down the cost, it could be sold at 200 $. People may buy it as an additional gadget even if they own a computer. It can be used as an ebook reader, media player or communicator, even a newspaper. All thru the Browser.

A console, a terminal, a status or ticker indicator. It may be used in nice numbers, like each home may need around five or six Browsettes.

All Applications are Online and are WebApps and Live Widgets. Nothing to Install and No Upgrades. Applications and Virtual Dashboard will be Streaming from a Remote Server.  

- 2009

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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Tablet Computers and Handheld Devices

This is an aggregation of delabs design notes in relation to Tablets devices. The notes apply for tablets of all OS types .

Use an WebApp for 5 inch Mobile 3G devices. Websites for above 7 Inches WiFi devices like Tablets, Notebooks and Computers. -  delabs was Promoting Tablets from 2005 to 2015.

Digital Processing and Communications

Devices with Screen Sizes Seven Inches and above in any OS are usable and practical for Viewing Websites, Blogs, CMS and WebApps. Hence it may not be practical to make your websites or blogs to work on small screens, as not much work can be done.

HandHelds by delabs

Dedicated  versions of sites with summaries or updates, like it was long ago, may be useful . In other words smaller devices like your Five inch smartphone on a Slim Battery with no mouse or large keyboard, on an expensive data network, is not a full fledged business or browsing tool. The way to approach this is only with Sites suited for such screens, usability and networks.

5-6 inch and Less Use Fast Lean Website  --|||--  7 inch to 30 inch Responsive with Font Zoom  -- |||--  TV Zoom All & Font Zoom+

Synthesis of Sound

Sound is vibration of material in the audible frequency range of 20hz to 20khz, less than 20hz (hertz) can be felt not as sound by ear but as movement like the beat of your heart.

Music Sound to light converter

Low frequency, 1hz means One cycle per second, the pendulum in the grandfather clock vibrates at one hertz, earthquakes and tremors are low frequency vibrations.

Synthesis of Sound - Old Post

This was once a page in my tripod or Netscape free homepage, created a little before y2k, later improved and posted in my earlier blogs. This idea may not be practical, some ideas derived from it may be of some scientific interest / tangential thinking

Home Made Circuits.

High frequency, vibration of matter above 20Khz (20,000Hz) slowly takes the form of electromagnetic radiations upto even giga hertz ranges. Light also is a vibration sensed and interpreted by the eye in vivid colors.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Old iPod Feedback

Friday, August 01, 2008 - iPod Ideas and Suggestions by delabs. Parts from my old iPod blog. An email reply and feedback in 2008 that might have launched a Million iPads.

A mail that launched a Million Tablets

A mail that launched a Million Tablets

I sent this feedback in 2008 while using a 1st generation iPod. After which the iPad and other size devices arrived. I have to be recognized for this, maybe a Rusted Badge, A Moth Eaten Coat or at-least a Refurbished Doughnut. (this para added in 2018 and my name removed for privacy)

Captcha Like Technology for Secure Login

Entering Login details thru Keyboard has been found to pose security risks. I just got an idea which i will explain with an example. This is much safer as it uses mouse clicks and no ASCII characters encrypted or otherwise move on the SSL Page in TCP/IP, No keystrokes are generated since only a Mouse is used.

Captcha Like Technology for Secure Login

When the Secure Login page is visited by the User, He will see an image (png) with randomly generated Numbers (or Alphabets).