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Friday, June 08, 2018

Engineering Management Equations

Call it Quotes or Ideas or Instructions, these are thoughts that came from me from the past tech experiences of over twenty years.

Technologies should scale with Infrastructure. Buildings cannot stress the Foundations meant for. Traffic proportional to Road Width. Sync. Software should not overwhelm or Overload Hardware.

Management of Engineering and Technology

Raw Materials - Components - Finished Products. The Entire Processing and Design Chain has to improve, if the final Product has to Shine.

Value Engineering
In Engineering High Value products are those that are a combination of Precision Mechanical + Electrical + Analog + Embedded Microcontroller.

Tools Theory Practice
Excellent Tools alone are not enough, The Techniques & Methods have to be learnt, Then the Skills have to be acquired by Strenuous Practice.

Software 7S
The 7S - Software Should be - Simple, Stable, Spry, Slim, Scalable, Sensible, Scrimping.

Incremental Coding
I do incremental coding - code few lines, test, code again, test. Some extra code to interface for test inputs/outputs (virtual instrument). Incremental Coding, Modular. Test Points.

An Engineered Equation
( technologies + skills + processes ) X ( monitored + managed ) = engineering.

Keep Designs Simple
Circuit or Code - Keep it Simple, Modular, Reusable, Documented, Controlled, Compact, Clear, Creative, Maintainable, Testable, Tunable.

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