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Monday, October 01, 2018

Ostermiller Basic and Scientific Calculator

Scientific Expression or Formula Calculations. Twenty Transaction Memory and Tape, Different bases like Decimal and Octal, Logic Math, Functions, Constants.

Deriving knowledge and inspiration from The GUI and Skin Modifications were done. This Scientific Calculator was ported to iGoogle with a new UI by delabs.


Scientific Calculator

It has Brackets to build your own math equation. Scientific Functions like Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic.Memory (cookies), A Paper Trail or Tape for Equation and Result History.

Help Documentation


ans The last calculated result
PI pi = 3.14159265...
E e = 2.71828182...
LOG2E log of e base 2
LOG10E log of e base 10
LN2 log of 2 base e
LN10 log of 10 base e
SQRT2 square root of 2
SQRT1_2 square root of 1/2


abs(a) the absolute value of a
acos(a) arc cosine of a
asin(a) arc sine of a
atan(a) arc tangent of a
atan2(a,b) arc tangent of a/b
ceil(a) integer closest to a and not less than a
cos(a) cosine of a
exp(a) exponent of a
floor(a) integer closest to and not greater than a
log(a) log of a base e
max(a,b) the maximum of a and b
min(a,b) the minimum of a and b
pow(a,b) a to the power b
random() pseudorandom number in the range 0 to 1
round(a) integer closest to a
sin(a) sine of a
sqrt(a) square root of a
tan(a) tangent of a

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