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Saturday, February 02, 2019

Engineering the Technology Management

Sometimes even Management has to be Engineered to help it change its ways of thinking in a world that is fast changing. A Planet that is defined by the Consumer or Customer more strongly than any other factor.

Technologies should scale with Infrastructure. Buildings cannot stress the Foundations meant for. Traffic proportional to Road Width. Sync

Technology Management

Raw Materials - Components - Finished Products. The Entire Processing and Design Chain has to improve, if the final Product has to Shine. 

In Asia Consumer Electronics Engineering is Best in Taiwan after Japan. In terms of Quality and Product Safety. Standards very ++ important. Chinese Engineering Departments in EE and Product development. Big or Small. Should emulate Taiwan or seek their Help for Quality & Safety. 

Tech Recruitment should measure skill levels, should not go only by Resume or Records. Neither Family nor Network, Certainly not money. Honest HR determines a Firm's Future. 

Let us use more of our Brain than Brawn, Quality; Reliability & Safety will see a Dawn.

High Value Engineering

In Engineering High Value products are those that are a combination of Precision Mechanical + Electrical + Analog + Embedded Microcontroller.

Study and Learn ?? Examine and Experiment >> Analyze and Establish [o] Realize !!

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