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Monday, January 14, 2019

Online Web Operating System

Web-OS and HandHeld Terminal - If the server is the cloud and the VT-100 Terminal is your Tablet computer. Technically the OS is in the Cloud. Think about it.

The term Web-OS was coined by me as early as 2002 in a Post called "The Browser is the Operating System" and In "Nomadic Computing" with the small image show far below.

First Offline Slow Bloated Apps prone to virus and crashes are going to be phased out in a few decades in favor of Web-Apps. But in 20-30 Years the Desktop OS is also going to Commence its Departure.

I foresee it is likely that future Hand Held Computers and PC may not have an OS at all. The GUI will stream down from a Friendly Neighborhood Computer Services Provider CSP.The Keystrokes and Mouse

Move OS to Cloud

Clicks will Stream Up to the CSP Servers. The CSP Server Farm of Mac-OSX, Linux or Free BSD will serve the GUI and monitor your keystrokes. So no OS means no Virus, no updates, no crashes, and unlimited hard disk space at server. You can install your programs remotely and burn your data on CD or Thumb-Drive locally. I think roughly 35% of productivity loss is due to updates, virus, re-installation and Upgrades. This can be brought down to 5% or even less. :~)

The top Companies in the Technological Arena will be Internet Server and Application Providers, The Unix based systems and php, python, java will be well evolved for these changes.

Piracy of Software will be a thing of the past, Server-OS or Server-Apps will be open source and CSA "Computer Services Providers" will be the revenue models.

The server OS remains, The Client tablet in your hand is just a Wireless Networked Interactive Audio-Video player. In other words what you see on the desktop is just an Mpeg and your mouse clicks on the screen are transmitted to computers far away to show results in mpeg on your tablet.

The Tablet is A Pseudo-Analog Device. It is a Duplex-Mpeg Player, the Mpeg goes upstream and downstream. The Mpeg is in fact Mpeg-d or Mpegd means at a end of a Video-Burst a Single Digital Word is encrypted for secure transmission of Mouse-Clicks and Key-Strokes.

You can Buy an P-Analog Tablet Wireless-MMplayer from any vendor, Just choose the CSA Channel and Log-In, Pay-up, You have your Computer, A very powerful One, There is no OS, no Computing on tablet. Only real time Audio-Video Two way transmission-reception. Your Portable Media Player is an high speed super computer. You can pick a Tablet in Any Country at any Pace and Login to your Remote Computer account and Logout. Throw or Break the tablet your Computer is intact. You can Login a Mac account and later on same tablet Check your Linux or Free BSD account.

Web-OS and HandHeld Terminal

Nearly a Decade old notes of mine or even more than a decade some of them. These were published in my sites/blogs/forums and some of them may be interesting and hence archived here. - Open Ideas like Open Source. They have been cleaned, moderated and improved many times.

Ideas of delabs 1998 to 2008 - First Recorded around 2001 - Part of my Y2K Notes
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