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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cloud Computing the Cerebral Six Pack

Grid computing among servers is fine. But the concept of networking unused computers and using that for crunching large numbers is not practical. This is mainly because it is not green (power consumption). Such ideas are not economical for the purpose served. Not Sustainable.
Cloud Computing the Cerebral Six Pack

What we need is like a Class AB Audio Amplifier. Deliver Power on demand, or scale up/down (hardware switching) on demand, efficiently. This is only possible in client-server systems. Cloud Computing is the way. The clients are Low Power Multi-Media Terminals. The Modules in the Servers can turn on, as demand increases, as more people login or compute more.

What i feel, think or understand. May not be practical or implementable today. May free home user from lot of admin tasks. Web applications and Services have made it possible already to some extent. When user has only the LCD Monitor and Keyboard to manage, No OS or updates or even Virus.

Let me assume the currency is in blips and a Cloudlet is owned by a SSP - Software Services Provider. He whips out a virtual pc on the cloudlet and let you use it. The power of a super computer can be accessed on the Tablet or Netbook in your Knapsack.

Information or concept is for thinking and learning, educate and entertain, some are already being used and applied in the web. Some ideas are to promote Tangential Thinking, this enables you to flex the tendons of your brain; who knows, one day you may develop a cerebral six pack

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