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Saturday, June 22, 2019

e-Gram - Secure and Green Communication

When we send a snail mail or receive them, there is not much of spam involved. This is because of the cost of the postage stamp and cover. Even then some unwanted snail mail may come in rarely.

e-Gram - Secure and Green Communications

 The cost of sending an e-mail should fall on the sender, not the receiver or the mail transport system. A way - more like 100 free sending per day, above that nominal charges. This may not work well as most of this spam is sent unconventionally. If routers and servers get smart, they can block spam, then it may be like charging a Toll on the Data Highway. That may choke the net for normal users.

So a new communications method called e-Gram. This imposes the cost on the sender, it offers protection to the receiver and does not clog the net.

When i send an e-Gram, it is a string of not more than 24 characters which is the subject or summary, only text, no media. 24 ASCII characters.

Example -

Quotation for 20 Nos. of Storage Bins Q2341

is the e-Gram sent to - where sam is the name and acme the firm, service provider or home account.

Only 24 letters and no media (embedded or attached) is sent, so the transit cost and bandwidth reduced.

When i sent this e-Gram, it created a secure page on my host with the full letter and media. This page is protected and can only be seen by a browser or client when authenticated or logged in.

When the person gets the e-Gram, his spam filters after checking the subject and sender may mark it clean. When he clicks on the more link, the private page is visited at my host/provider. The link has the authentication for that page. If it looks like spam, he will not click the more link.

As only e-Grams move from server to server, the bandwidth and storage load is less. Only valid e-Grams are visited. This way Media and Executables can never be sent by an e-Gram. The person who accidentally visits a spam e-Gram will not download any media or binary, as this will need his action.

The eGram Client can have have a two Inbox system. One Green Inbox for known, verified or approved senders. Another Red Inbox for Unknown Senders.

From e-Mail to e-Gram - Evolve Communications - Ideas of delabs - 2009

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