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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Iridium Reuse - Y2K Fables

The www is always hungry for more, the present infrastructure of iridium could be used to enhance performance of www, it may not make profits but it will sure help in the maintenance and coordination of servers and speed up the web which may benefit all in general.

Iridium Reuse

I heard that iridium satellites may be brought down. It must be fun putting it up on the first place and then bringing it down, electronic stuff will on their own stop after some time, so why bring it down, and when it is still up there in the sky why not use it for some other purpose than intended, that way you can save the cost of bringing it down !

It can help in coordinating the databases of domains for look up, as this is growing every day it will help if the broadcasts for IP Address search is separate so as to free the servers for other tasks, broadcasts can be a separate mega thread thru iridium.
It can help in networking large servers separately to ensure coordination on and sharing of critical information, instant updates, tables, databases of web, virus alerts, breakdowns, it can help reduce the chaos, as the net is at the knee of its growth.

The iridium will also be useful in distributing traffic based on priorities, the downloading of an mp3 file may prevent a small text file warning of natural disaster or war (for which the early web was intended), the iridium network could assign priorities to paths and data as they originate.

In short it means you can make iridium the spiderman of the world wide web, that way iridium can link only the huge servers and nodes to monitor, regulate, and maintain traffic in a synchronous and systematic manner.

Lastly remember a big web should have a big spider.

Ideas of delabs 1998 to 2008 - First Recorded around 1998 - Part of my Y2K Fables
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