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Thursday, July 02, 2020

Browsette a Tablet Browser with WebApps

Browsette  is just a Browser in a SSD riding over a Skeletal Firmware Extension, just enough to help a browser fire a screen and link up with minimal hardware.

Probably with Linux it may be possible. A tablet like device, when touched, a browser that is live always. No OS, No Desktop, No wallpaper.All Web.

Linux OS based Browsette at $200

Such a Browsette. You can Browse and Nothing  else. It is the file manager, it is the desktop. It is just a Browser glued on to hardware and Rom. This will bring down the cost, it could be sold at 200 $. People may buy it as an additional gadget even if they own a computer. It can be used as an ebook reader, media player or communicator, even a newspaper. All thru the Browser.

A console, a terminal, a status or ticker indicator. It may be used in nice numbers, like each home may need around five or six Browsettes.

All Applications are Online and are WebApps and Live Widgets. Nothing to Install and No Upgrades. Applications and Virtual Dashboard will be Streaming from a Remote Server.  

- 2009

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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Tablet Computers and Handheld Devices

This is an aggregation of delabs design notes in relation to Tablets devices. The notes apply for tablets of all OS types .

Use an WebApp for 5 inch Mobile 3G devices. Websites for above 7 Inches WiFi devices like Tablets, Notebooks and Computers. -  delabs was Promoting Tablets from 2005 to 2015.

Digital Processing and Communications

Devices with Screen Sizes Seven Inches and above in any OS are usable and practical for Viewing Websites, Blogs, CMS and WebApps. Hence it may not be practical to make your websites or blogs to work on small screens, as not much work can be done.

HandHelds by delabs

Dedicated  versions of sites with summaries or updates, like it was long ago, may be useful . In other words smaller devices like your Five inch smartphone on a Slim Battery with no mouse or large keyboard, on an expensive data network, is not a full fledged business or browsing tool. The way to approach this is only with Sites suited for such screens, usability and networks.

5-6 inch and Less Use Fast Lean Website  --|||--  7 inch to 30 inch Responsive with Font Zoom  -- |||--  TV Zoom All & Font Zoom+

Synthesis of Sound

Sound is vibration of material in the audible frequency range of 20hz to 20khz, less than 20hz (hertz) can be felt not as sound by ear but as movement like the beat of your heart.

Music Sound to light converter

Low frequency, 1hz means One cycle per second, the pendulum in the grandfather clock vibrates at one hertz, earthquakes and tremors are low frequency vibrations.

Synthesis of Sound - Old Post

This was once a page in my tripod or Netscape free homepage, created a little before y2k, later improved and posted in my earlier blogs. This idea may not be practical, some ideas derived from it may be of some scientific interest / tangential thinking

Home Made Circuits.

High frequency, vibration of matter above 20Khz (20,000Hz) slowly takes the form of electromagnetic radiations upto even giga hertz ranges. Light also is a vibration sensed and interpreted by the eye in vivid colors.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Old iPod Feedback

Friday, August 01, 2008 - iPod Ideas and Suggestions by delabs. Parts from my old iPod blog. An email reply and feedback in 2008 that might have launched a Million iPads.

A mail that launched a Million Tablets

A mail that launched a Million Tablets

I sent this feedback in 2008 while using a 1st generation iPod. After which the iPad and other size devices arrived. I have to be recognized for this, maybe a Rusted Badge, A Moth Eaten Coat or at-least a Refurbished Doughnut. (this para added in 2018 and my name removed for privacy)

Captcha Like Technology for Secure Login

Entering Login details thru Keyboard has been found to pose security risks. I just got an idea which i will explain with an example. This is much safer as it uses mouse clicks and no ASCII characters encrypted or otherwise move on the SSL Page in TCP/IP, No keystrokes are generated since only a Mouse is used.

Captcha Like Technology for Secure Login

When the Secure Login page is visited by the User, He will see an image (png) with randomly generated Numbers (or Alphabets).

So What is the Cache

When pages from the web are downloaded to your computer. A page means a html page, like "mypage.html", with a lot of bells, whistles and flashers. These are javascript, flash and images like png-jpg-gif and even mp3-mpeg.

Blue Whales - Giants of the Sea

Blue Whales - Giants of the Sea

Some pages have scripts that make the pages smart, these are pages that can think and react, they are Live Pages. This makes your page work with a array of computers from a service provider and behave like a software application.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Transparent Epoxy Coins with RFID

This is an old post around 2005, in those days this post became popular and created some ripples. I removed that blog due to Idea Squirrels who steal other people ideas and do not give credit. Now i am archiving it after curating. RFID like QR Code is a Data Input Element.

Transparent Epoxy Coins with RFID

Higher value coins can be made this way. Notes get torn and carry infection, cannot be washed. Difficult to count even with machines.

Secure Authenticated RSS-XML Feeds

Suppose you want to have a simple means of communication with a known individual online without the need to a routine task to check or sort mail, there is, we know a solution. which is instant text messaging. Spam in this is very rare.

Secure Authenticated News is hard to find

 Secure Authenticated News is hard to find

Now an alert comes by email, about some secure site, you have to first find if it is real or it is a phishing-spoof. You first go in your browser to your secure-site and verify. So communication of such kind has to be a combination of Instant-messaging and email. If the secure site sends a IM + eMail. Then you know it is real. As you have only known contacts on your IM.

Embedding JS-CSS in a Webpage Template

Now many third part scripts like Stats, Ads, Videos, Gadgets and Ajax elements are available for embedding in the template of a service or community-network template page.

Average user cannot tackle code snippets and inadvertently introduce errors, while adding the code to his template html source.

More important is that this snippets will change syntax as the webapps evolve and the service api changes or even new web standards.

Embedding JS-CSS in a Webpage Template

It may be best to make this snippet invisible to users and available to programmers if needed. Even the code coming on the browser client html makes the page cluttered and there is a bandwidth element too.

Saturday, February 01, 2020

New Operating System OS

Did you know that if your PC has say Win 98/Netscape Communicator 4.7/IE5 then your PC has the equivalent of three Operating systems. This post may be a note prior y2k published by me on my own site. It may give you some ideas.

This is because the importance of internet came a bit late, and PCs still don't sync. with the internet fully, The browsers can become an OS offline even for those who don't need the net a separate OS is redundant.

Even if Win95/98 is great, it may become obsolete if it does not dissolve into IE5 in total, and Netscape is so powerful with a bit of glue software it can take control of the BIOS and devices directly.

New Operating System - old y2k post
This will make 486 systems work like a pentium, in short in a PC the first software to install should be a extended BIOS-ware which must be within 5MB, this will be the buffer software between the browser and BIOS, this can be probably like linux, it could be java, it could be written in pascal, for microsoft it may be similar to direct X which enabled games to run better on windows.

Gesture Computing - Enhanced Usability

When a Man is Hospitalized or Bedridden for a Long time. He still will need to check his mail or browse office reports or communicate to keep the show going.

Gesture Computing - Enhanced Usability

A Laptop/Netbook Peripheral for such a need may help many people. While he is sick and recovering, he can only watch the ceiling. So a Projector attachment that can create a large Virtual Monitor on the Wall or ceiling will be a Boon for him. The inputs from him can be taken by part voice and part finger or toe twitching/movement.

Cloud Computing - The Future of Software - 2

Take an example of a "Speech to Text" Software installed on a PC, these have several limitations and a fuzzy learning process. It works with people with known dialects, good pronunciation and proper language syntax. This does not work well with some, as they are not patient, and cannot adapt to the system's behavior.

Cloud Computing - The Future of Software - 2

 So if you move the entire Speech to Text software online, the servers process the audio, using semi-automated means, learn the language of the user and build a specific audio profile online. This will mean some human interaction in the learning process. The main core software along with some operators managing the learning process will make Speech to Text, easy for all.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Cloud Computing - The Future of Software - 1

Let us imagine an apartment block of Pensioners, Kids, White Collar Workers and Non-Tech Managers. They need to use mail, create and print some docs, use social tools for family and friends. They have less tech abilities, they can use the buttons or wizards. They will not venture into the menu or settings. These are the Real Consumer user base .

Cloud Computing - The Home Cloud
Cloud Computing - The Home Cloud

Anybody who has setup windows or linux computers for them will know that for every issue, they need assistance. Then the installation, updates, learning new software and security issues keeps many from using anything other than a few games and checking mail. Only the Tech Savvy or trained personnel, are able to use the full capabilities of the computer and the applications.

Computing for Web and Web for Computing

The Desktop Computer also called IBM Compatible PC and the Later Laptop/Notebook as SMD and CMOS technology developed. These both computer configurations formed as computing evolved with electronics manufacturing technologies. Networking and Web came a bit later.

Computers developed more for data processing. Then came the Internet, with it came a new purpose for the computer.

Peek into the Future beyond 2020

Computing for Web and Web for Computing

Now a new age, low energy age. All Electronics has to be frugal in resource usage. Hardware very light, Software must be Network Friendly, Client server type. Solutions cost-effective, consumer friendly.

HandHeld Green Cloud Computing

There is only one Green computing, That is HandHeld Client Terminal on a Remote Web-OS. Web Applications, Netbooks, Tablets are moving towards that Direction.

The Tablet in HandHeld Computing

Here are some snippets of mine in various blog posts from 2002 to now. to emphasize what is in my mind.

HandHeld Green Cloud Computing

Once i saw that many computers in organization were turned on most of the time, and hardly being used actively for more than 3-4 hours a day. Some times it was just a visual console. In another place, something i saw which got me worried, many computers were on, some were sending Yahoo Greetings, some were using email or chat and others were just on the Net. no desktop computing.