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Thursday, January 02, 2020

Computing for Web and Web for Computing

The Desktop Computer also called IBM Compatible PC and the Later Laptop/Notebook as SMD and CMOS technology developed. These both computer configurations formed as computing evolved with electronics manufacturing technologies. Networking and Web came a bit later.

Computers developed more for data processing. Then came the Internet, with it came a new purpose for the computer.

Peek into the Future beyond 2020

Computing for Web and Web for Computing

Now a new age, low energy age. All Electronics has to be frugal in resource usage. Hardware very light, Software must be Network Friendly, Client server type. Solutions cost-effective, consumer friendly.

This alone is sustainable. This applies to data processing too. If the cost of a solution is more than just living with a problem; That solution is unnecessary. We have to find a better way.

A Computer has to be Built for the Web and the Web has to be Built for this Computer. This is needed for Communications, Education, Books, Knowledge, Shopping and Business.

Most Important Specs. - Low Power, Wireless, Portable, Secure, Simple. The Browser is the Most and Only Important part of this Computer.

It has to be Maintenance Free Computing (client side). This applies to two main branches -
  1. Enterprise Computing or Data Processing or Office Computing
  2. Consumer Computing or Home Computing or Multimedia-Games-Entertainment
The clients and servers of both have to be designed in different ways. It has to be Web or Network Centric, Energy Conscious, Cost Effective, serviceable, maintainable and sustainable.

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