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Thursday, January 02, 2020

HandHeld Green Cloud Computing

There is only one Green computing, That is HandHeld Client Terminal on a Remote Web-OS. Web Applications, Netbooks, Tablets are moving towards that Direction.

The Tablet in HandHeld Computing

Here are some snippets of mine in various blog posts from 2002 to now. to emphasize what is in my mind.

HandHeld Green Cloud Computing

Once i saw that many computers in organization were turned on most of the time, and hardly being used actively for more than 3-4 hours a day. Some times it was just a visual console. In another place, something i saw which got me worried, many computers were on, some were sending Yahoo Greetings, some were using email or chat and others were just on the Net. no desktop computing.

So much energy, watts, cpu power, and harddisk space for Internet/Intranet only activity. This was not green, reliable, portable or sustainable. If you were to use a cad or graphics package, dtp or multimedia authoring, gaming, then i agree you need a desktop computer, with all the Juice, the entire gamut of Bells, Whistles and Nixies. Not for intranet clients and internet use.

Enterprise computing too, with intranet cloud coupled with the internet cloud need to go green. Desktop computers should not be used for business data/information management. Pre-Configured clients like tablets, even for form filling and report view. In fact after all this business automation, form filling still remains, later entered into the system. A tablet has to be the form, the form has to be scribbled on the Tablet Screen or the mailed Forms scanned and OCR'ed.

Computer manufacturers will still have a good trade for Intranet and Web clouds. Developers, Gamers, Programmers and Graphic Designers will still love the desktop.

Web Applications on Dumb Terminals

Office Workflow Visualization, Creating Live Dashboards or Visual Office Terminals; Simple Front end for Google Apps and Other Business Processing and Monitoring Software in the Background.I would like to say more in context of my science. It could be a Web Based LabView, but for Office and Business Apps.

Web Applications simplify office automation to a high degree, without adding more complexity in system admin and process maintenance that exist in legacy solutions. -

Netbooks Tablets

There is a Better way, here it is. Make a switch. A Green, Mobile and Practical Device.

Mobile Virtual Office on Handheld Computer
  • Flash based Meeting Rooms or Conference, Animated Avatars, Text Balloons like Comics.
  • Virtual www office, Entry only with identity - Open-ID, Shows as Avatar in Meeting Room.
  • Seven Inch Long, Golden Rectangle Size Device, Inch or Less Thick, Color LCD.
  • Can store and read PDF-MP3-Midi-xml-jpeg and very popular file formats.
  • Can easily show as a drive on all OS, emulating standard popular external drive.
  • Open Hardware, Linux Gadget, Battery Operated, Wifi-USB Interfaces.
  • Email and Text Messaging, Audio Video Messaging, Shared fies or folder.
SWF and FLV formats can make Interactive Books. The e of a eReader could be the Interactive Elements in a book or call it iReader after integrating Multi-Media. Tutorials and Stories come with sound too. Hence SWF and FLV can be a evolutionary step from Cellulose Based Info-Media. HTML5 !! tooo.

Wireless Computer and Device Networking

Wi-Fi OR xG OR WiMax - 2008

It has to be good for people who travel around the globe, practical and sensible usage of internet, for information or data communications over Handheld devices. The greater need is jitter-glitch-free online experience on mobile devices including netbooks over a large user base.

Multidevice accessible, Online office webapps and communication-collaboration tools; need us to be online and capable wherever we are. An Untethered Web Office is possible only with a broadband wireless network. Home, office, travel or In-between, you can continue the productive, creative or research work.

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