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Saturday, February 01, 2020

New Operating System OS

Did you know that if your PC has say Win 98/Netscape Communicator 4.7/IE5 then your PC has the equivalent of three Operating systems. This post may be a note prior y2k published by me on my own site. It may give you some ideas.

This is because the importance of internet came a bit late, and PCs still don't sync. with the internet fully, The browsers can become an OS offline even for those who don't need the net a separate OS is redundant.

Even if Win95/98 is great, it may become obsolete if it does not dissolve into IE5 in total, and Netscape is so powerful with a bit of glue software it can take control of the BIOS and devices directly.

New Operating System - old y2k post
This will make 486 systems work like a pentium, in short in a PC the first software to install should be a extended BIOS-ware which must be within 5MB, this will be the buffer software between the browser and BIOS, this can be probably like linux, it could be java, it could be written in pascal, for microsoft it may be similar to direct X which enabled games to run better on windows.

Gesture Computing - Enhanced Usability

When a Man is Hospitalized or Bedridden for a Long time. He still will need to check his mail or browse office reports or communicate to keep the show going.

Gesture Computing - Enhanced Usability

A Laptop/Netbook Peripheral for such a need may help many people. While he is sick and recovering, he can only watch the ceiling. So a Projector attachment that can create a large Virtual Monitor on the Wall or ceiling will be a Boon for him. The inputs from him can be taken by part voice and part finger or toe twitching/movement.

Cloud Computing - The Future of Software - 2

Take an example of a "Speech to Text" Software installed on a PC, these have several limitations and a fuzzy learning process. It works with people with known dialects, good pronunciation and proper language syntax. This does not work well with some, as they are not patient, and cannot adapt to the system's behavior.

Cloud Computing - The Future of Software - 2

 So if you move the entire Speech to Text software online, the servers process the audio, using semi-automated means, learn the language of the user and build a specific audio profile online. This will mean some human interaction in the learning process. The main core software along with some operators managing the learning process will make Speech to Text, easy for all.