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Saturday, February 01, 2020

Gesture Computing - Enhanced Usability

When a Man is Hospitalized or Bedridden for a Long time. He still will need to check his mail or browse office reports or communicate to keep the show going.

Gesture Computing - Enhanced Usability

A Laptop/Netbook Peripheral for such a need may help many people. While he is sick and recovering, he can only watch the ceiling. So a Projector attachment that can create a large Virtual Monitor on the Wall or ceiling will be a Boon for him. The inputs from him can be taken by part voice and part finger or toe twitching/movement.

The most difficult part is the software GUI Accessibility Overlay. This Application has to ride above the OS Linux/Mac/Win as the case may be. It has to be built on Open Source only. We do not want to again move up the Health-Care Costs for the Common man.

The App must be very intelligent and wizard like, could be a webapp with a real human remote assistance at a extra service cost. It should operate on a Yes/No type of  Buttons to navigate. This will strain the patient the minimum; mentally and physically. This Exercise must help him recover faster, it should not become another pain in the neck.

The Fingers in two Hands twitch and the Computer watches his eyes and moves the cursor on the large screen sympathetically to the eye movement while listening to what he is saying.

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