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Saturday, February 01, 2020

New Operating System OS

Did you know that if your PC has say Win 98/Netscape Communicator 4.7/IE5 then your PC has the equivalent of three Operating systems. This post may be a note prior y2k published by me on my own site. It may give you some ideas.

This is because the importance of internet came a bit late, and PCs still don't sync. with the internet fully, The browsers can become an OS offline even for those who don't need the net a separate OS is redundant.

Even if Win95/98 is great, it may become obsolete if it does not dissolve into IE5 in total, and Netscape is so powerful with a bit of glue software it can take control of the BIOS and devices directly.

New Operating System - old y2k post
This will make 486 systems work like a pentium, in short in a PC the first software to install should be a extended BIOS-ware which must be within 5MB, this will be the buffer software between the browser and BIOS, this can be probably like linux, it could be java, it could be written in pascal, for microsoft it may be similar to direct X which enabled games to run better on windows.

The history is when we write a program in text (high level) and compile it in binary (low level hex 010101..) we cant keep track of the binary code size or its duplication, and if a bug or defect is present it may be difficult to find it in the long lines of code, and most of the time if you eliminate the bug the software collapses, in fact bugs are what that form the skeleton of a software :-) remove all bugs you have no software, so to speed up the completion of the software more code is written which controls the bug's undesirable behavior, this makes software beefy, of course now that we have components based programming, beefy software is the order of the day, but GUI for software design like VB or VC++ is great for a hardware guy but must not be for software professionals because of redundant code, and making it impossible to compact code, the ever speeding PC clock and the fast expanding HDD size has made such luxurious software programming possible, but for an O S and its components such habits of programming may drag all resources.

If the OS Changes the hardware also can change the Future PC main should be only like a VT100 terminal consisting of Only Human interface like Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor. and the OS should only drive these. All other peripherals like HDD, FDD, Multimedia, Modem should be a connected via an OPTIC LAN using standard UNIX protocols. RF or bluetooth may be dangerous as too much RF will be in the air, already we have enough satellite RF, cellular RF, Cable TV RF, and Toys, private channels etc. and the pentium itself is in the RF domain, what may happen if you use bluetooth is when somebody takes a cellphone near a PC and gets a call, the PC may boot, and I assure the bluetooth gurus however much they hop away from this issue the truth is if you use bluetooth with PC you may end up having a broken nose or getting a black eye (sorry!), we have forgotten EMI/RFI and the real life experiences many had, or we are just become careless about hardware!

The IR (infra red ) optics can give a high speed wireless non RF communication between peripherals including cellphones and PCs etc, we can extrapolate Bluetooth to Optics not RF, having too much RF around is bad for the health of Machines and may also cause disturbances in the brain, this is true due to eddy current effect, like your microwave oven cooks, remember and admit that your brain is a better computer, and it also has a lot of ionic electrical activity, that way it is immune to most fields, but we may now be crossing the limits, just like a man can get roasted if he gets too close to a RF tower, intense and prolonged RF/ X-Ray etc. may cripple your brain cells and the power of thought! Optics are safe and clean use more optic interfaces and optic fiber or you may end up building the Tower of Babel.

When peripherals are connected to the main terminals by optic lan, no drivers are required, as all de vices understand UNIX, the modem can download directly to the HDD at a prompt of the user no CPU activity, interfacing new peripherals will be as simple as placing them beside PC (no connectors) and use the PC to just browse the new device each device will be a part of the infranet which is just an object to browse on the terminal, the multimedia can strafe mp3 files on the HDD without CPU activity, the terminal you use just initiates actions, the PC user becomes a network administrator, the result true multithreading at blazing speed, in this method 386 may end up performing like PIII then just imagine what PIII will do.

The PC should have a circular glass like base for IR optic in all directions, and all devices can have a glass like (acrylic) base at the bottom for interface. The power can be derived from a base ferrite plate in the PC from which all devices can derive power without connectors, The SMPS should have options of working by 12V DC or 230V AC for eas y UPS integration, or use with solar cells and battery directly, the SMPS output should not have connectors but a ferrite plate, from which other devices with ferrite slabs can derive power on contact with good immunity, safety. The OS and Hardware of a future Computer may be like this....

I am trying to clean it up, without reducing its antiquity or absurdity. The Ferrite plates are for wireless power to peripherals, by mere contact. The image was made now, from the original is a html-table. The raw post is in the net somewhere too, as proof.

Ideas of delabs 1998 to 2008 - First Recorded around 1998 - Part of my Y2K Notes
delabs Technologies.

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