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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Transparent Epoxy Coins with RFID

This is an old post around 2005, in those days this post became popular and created some ripples. I removed that blog due to Idea Squirrels who steal other people ideas and do not give credit. Now i am archiving it after curating. RFID like QR Code is a Data Input Element.

Transparent Epoxy Coins with RFID

Higher value coins can be made this way. Notes get torn and carry infection, cannot be washed. Difficult to count even with machines.

ER Coins (Epoxy Coins with RFID) can be easily counted. From Piggy banks to conveyors. integrating counting is child's play.

Even a HandHeld device app can count how much your pocket is worth right now. Coins are at the reach of every one. Coins and Notes will remain a valid method for all time as they are time tested, trusted and reliable.

These Epoxy coins can be washed, verified, counted and epoxy can be very long lasting. A unique ID or Series of every coin-bag is possible. This can help tracking for high value coins.

Even gold linked coins are possible, these change value based on the worth of gold.

A Grade of Epoxy can be made so that it is least harmful for the Environment, yet retains its durability and Transparency.

Transparency is required for a Tiny Color Coded Bar, which is Insert Moulded into the coin. This enables quick visual identification of coin value.

First Posted around 2005 in Ideas of delabs blog

Big Denomination Smart Currency can be made with Smart Chip. This will ensure Large Amounts of money drawn by one person will not cause Notes shortage.

Large Denomination Smart Notes can be made with reducing Balance. This can have a chip and Near Field wireless interface. An OTP is needed to validate transaction.

Above two points 2018 Additions 

delabs 2005 updated 2018

ideas of delabs - id1041

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