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Thursday, May 07, 2020

So What is the Cache

When pages from the web are downloaded to your computer. A page means a html page, like "mypage.html", with a lot of bells, whistles and flashers. These are javascript, flash and images like png-jpg-gif and even mp3-mpeg.

Blue Whales - Giants of the Sea

Blue Whales - Giants of the Sea

Some pages have scripts that make the pages smart, these are pages that can think and react, they are Live Pages. This makes your page work with a array of computers from a service provider and behave like a software application.

This page and its accessories when downloaded to your computer are stored as files, in an allocated area on your computer. You can view them when you go offline and delete them from your browser history. This is the local computer cache.

In order to speed up the internet such cache of pages may be made at cyber cafes, Internet service providers and other servers in the path, or even at the host. It may be more important for mp3 and mpeg than for simple pages, to make web run smooth. These caches are also flushed periodically.

I feel as web grows, there may be a cache on every pole, at every street corner. Then you can use your computer to watch HDTV.

Sometimes due to stubborn cache in the browser, isp server or host, the files you uploaded, may not show up in the browser. So this is a trick you can use, when you just cant wait.

Delete the file at host, clean and reload your browser a few times till that element does not show on the page, upload the new replacement image or script. Now view page in browser after clearing history. Reload if required. You will see the new updated element.

If it is an xml, js or any other file you have to submit to a webapp for testing, but it does not respond due to cache. Rename and submit file, each time.

Use .... FileZilla A fast and reliable FTP client and server with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface.

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