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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Jot Note and Desktop

The Gadget Jot-a-Note which was has been modified for Cookies Data Storage. Now it has Sticky Notes, Clock and Calculator. - 2010

Jot-a-Note is now Cloud Desktop

Jot Note Manual

Jot-A-Note also supports HTML inside notes. That means you can have Simple HTML and CSS formatting. Images and iframe-gadgets. Jot a Note is now Jot Desktop .

User Basics

Hover the mouse over the icons (in the Jot a Note Gadget) and you can see what it can do, see the Tool Tip. The Image on right, shows all that you need to know and these can be verified by Moving the Mouse over every control/icon and reading the Tool Tip.

jot note help

If you want to use the Backup/Restore feature In the Text Notes, please do not use the | pipe character. On the keyboard it is with the Backward Slash \.

New Note Icon

Creates a New Note, max of seven notes. This is one time operation. When you have used up 7 notes, this control has no more use; unless you reset database and start all over again.
Show Hide

There is no delete in Jot-a-Note. When you press the Red X mark icon on Top Right of a Note, it just closes Note and it hides in the Trash Can. Click the Trash Can to bring all the Hidden Notes into the open. Before you close the browser or Move away from Jot-a-Note page. Click Save if you want the Hidden notes to remain in Hiding in the Dust Bin.

Hide a Note

The the Red X icon on Top Right of every Note is a Hide Control. The Note is never deleted. Get back hidden note by using Show Hide icon as detailed earlier.

Save All and Save Note

Save Note Icon Saves the Note and other settings like Color and Position. When you save a Note, it saves entire Jot-a-Note data/settings. This control is same as the Save All icon. All Save Icons do the same job, saves data and settings of entire Jot-a-note. Remember that Paper/Pen Color and Note Position need saving.

Drag and Drop a Note

The Green Arrow icon on every note is an Handle to drag and drop the note from one part of the Jot-a-Note Screen to another. You have to save notes before you exit or move away from the Jot-a-Note. Save Notes Icon records all Notes x-y positions in the database. In some browsers or usage methods the drag-drop operation may feel sticky. Click slower and just click once more, when the note sticks to the mouse cursor.

Edit Note

This is the most important part, this is what this gadget is all about. Click Edit Icon opens a text area in the note with a dashed border. Start editing the note or add text by copy and paste. 250 characters is limit per note. No limit for copy-paste, but no certainty on Jot-a-Note performance, if your text exceeds 500 characters per note. Please save after note edit or new note.

Paper Pen Color

These are a pair of simple controls in which you can select the Background Color of Note and Font Color of Text. Click the control, a Limited Palette is shown in the note itself. Click a nice color to set and Save. That makes a dull life fill with colors. Remember, the colors must be harmonious for forming the right moods. This in turn helps us to Write, Blog or Tweet new stuff; as the case may be.

Pen Color Palette

Pen Color Palette

Paper Color Palette

Paper Color Palette

Gears Database

This gadget uses cookies now to store the notes. The data on notes are on your computer and not in any server on the web. For every Browser you use, a different set of notes.  You cannot access these notes from another computer. If you have another computer, the notes in that will be unique again.

When you want to Move from One browser to another or One computer to another use the Backup/Restore carefully to migrate. You can keep a backup copy of Text Database in your Pen Drive. You can also import it into any database/spreadsheet, as it is structured in such a way.
Backup and Restore Notes

When you press the Backup Notes icon, A large Text Blob will appear in a Large White Note. Click the Text Blob and it will Auto-Select-All, Right Click and Copy. Paste it into your Notepad and secure your data in a CDROM or Flash Drive.

Note - When you click the Text Blob, all the data is Auto Selected. The Visible Text Blob is only Partial Preview of the Full Text Database. When you copy and paste into your Notepad, you will see entire Text Database.

The Text database should strictly follow this structure -

I am a Note|a|a|d|0|5|50||I can be Moved|b|b|d|0|25|100||Make a Memo|c|c|d|0|45|150||A Reminder|d|d|d|0|65|200||Tasks to Complete|e|e|d|0|85|250||Note a Point|f|f|d|0|105|300||Jot a Thought|g|g|d|0|125|350||

Pipe Separated Database. Records are separated by ||. Data Fields Separated by |. This can be easily imported into any Spreadsheet software or Database Import Tools.
Fix Reset Notes

This is like a master reset, Jot-a-Note will become as good as new. All note settings are Lost ! You have to do this only if a mistake has been made during restore of data. After a Restore if it says "Something Wrong Somewhere" just close the browser, Do not save !!

Applications and Enhancements

You can store your mail, snippets, im blurbs, drafts, ideas or URL etc.
Developers can make a Chrome Extension to Jot a Note over a Web Page.
You can make an iGoogle internal Messaging with inbox and outbox using notes.


HTML 4 to HTML 5 and Web Applications - So it may be that, i have to migrate when it happens.
When Paper Color or Pen Color is set,

This gadget uses many Cookies nearing the Limit of 20 per Domain for IE and others also have limits.

If the gadget says "On Cookies", for Firefox go to Tools-Options-Privacy, Check Mark the "Keep until they Expire"

In Internet Explorer Tools->Internet Options-Privacy, set it to "Accept all Cookies" or "Low" - Then visit the page with this gadget, make an alarm setting or two - Then Revert the Privacy of IE to Default-Medium.

A Better Solution is Tools-Internet Options-Privacy -Advanced Select "Override Automatic Cookie.." Then Check Mark the "Prompt" in both types. Now when you visit a site you will be asked by a prompt, Check Mark "Apply,,," and press "Allow Cookies", if you trust the site.

Text database

There is a issue when a Text Database with errors is restored and saved. The data structure is strictly as shown above.

Whatever you backed up from this Jot-a-Note earlier, Restore it intact, then this problem is never encountered.

Nbc and Nfc is back color and fore color. Nxp and Nyp are x-y positions of notes. Tst is Trash state. Nst is Note State.

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