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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Synthesis of Sound

Sound is vibration of material in the audible frequency range of 20hz to 20khz, less than 20hz (hertz) can be felt not as sound by ear but as movement like the beat of your heart.

Music Sound to light converter

Low frequency, 1hz means One cycle per second, the pendulum in the grandfather clock vibrates at one hertz, earthquakes and tremors are low frequency vibrations.

Synthesis of Sound - Old Post

This was once a page in my tripod or Netscape free homepage, created a little before y2k, later improved and posted in my earlier blogs. This idea may not be practical, some ideas derived from it may be of some scientific interest / tangential thinking

Home Made Circuits.

High frequency, vibration of matter above 20Khz (20,000Hz) slowly takes the form of electromagnetic radiations upto even giga hertz ranges. Light also is a vibration sensed and interpreted by the eye in vivid colors.

Now back to Sound, just like color can be resolved to three basic colors (eg. RYB), sound also could be resolved to seven or more distinct/basic harmonics (pure sine wave) with their intensity or pitch values.

Then there is a possibility of converting a sample of sound as a set of pitch information for the seven basic sounds, as the ear is more sensitive to harmonics this may be more accurate and melodious too.

This can be recreated as music by a smart music card, in other words the card should have a seven real time sine generators with pitch control, only the pitch information is given to them sequentially, it is like an hardware orchestra.

As the Hardware itself knows a bit of music, software will be less stressed. the possible advantage Hi-fi music at the speed of text transmission. For example a 10mS sound sample can be represented like this 02, 3B,1A, 22, 4F, 00, F0, in Hex. The hex values give the pitch of that particular note of the seven basic notes(similar to HTML color #04FF3B for R Y B).

If logical the above will need a sound card which is extra fast and generates true basic seven analog sine tones with smooth pitch control, and this may make music files a bit smaller.

Voice for telephony can be sent in real time in ASCII form, but this will mean the sound card to become more independent of the computer, as PC clock speeds may have reached saturation points (1Ghz), The only way PC can grow is to make its peripherals like sound card autonomous and intelligent so also the monitor, modem, HDD etc.

The sound card could relate itself directly to the modem and the CPU can do some real multi threading for a change, this implies the CPU has to be the manager now, so far it has been a very hardworker and does everything itself.

This in short means if the modem is downloading some file to the HDD, or winamp is playing a song the CPU should not even be aware of that, this is true multitasking and it has to be done by hardware not software.

This post was made when i found 'midi' sound format in small sizes, play better music than many other formats for that size or compression. The speed of internet was slow in those days and storing music in the web was a popular usage then.

After this post, some unrelated concepts were developed by others, appeared to be triggered by this. May be just a coincidence. One of which i suspect is in the cpu and pc hardware area. the other ... portable music players !

Oh my goodness, my ideas and ip, may have made me trillions. If i had only Blanket Patented all my unproven and vague concepts.\

First Recorded around 1998 - Part of my Y2K Notes
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